2018 Review

Here is another year.

This year (2019) I become more aware of who I am. I tried to look back and assess myself. I realized for the past four years I was so scared to take a leap or face my fears. I didn’t fully believed in myself and recognized my achievements. Now, I’m open (again) and braver. It feels so good to deeply understand and connect to myself through journaling. It feels like I never meet myself before (sounds weird) or being a friend to myself. I was lost but now I’m found. *tears of joy*

Despite all the pitfalls and shortcomings, I wanted to give myself a credit for trying new things and facing the challenges along the way.

Work. Middle of the year, I moved back home to give myself a rest because I was pregnant and resigned to my job. After a month, I was offered with two jobs which I didn’t expect to come because of the limited amount of jobs offered that is related to my profession in provincial areas. Also, I was planning for a career shift. I evaluated myself and realized I needed more time to prepare and experience. I took the offer that I know I will find growth. It never failed my expectations. I learned a lot of things in a short span of time. I’m thankful for my workmate, Ma’am Elsie for guiding me every step. She is the kind of person who is passionate about her work.

Business. I started my online shop through instagram last January which I closed last May. I learn a lot from the experience from production, marketing and other business aspects. But still there are many things that I should learn and that’s what I wanted to improve to be prepared for my next business venture.

Family. Now, I’m a mother. I’m grateful that my son taught me a great lesson in life: TO BE PRESENT. I’ve been anxious for the past years of what lies in the future. I’ve been busy thinking of what was not yet here and allowing my anxiety took over my dreams. I was living in fear of the unknown. I already missed the moments that I should cherish and be thankful for. Thank you, son.

Passion. For the whole year, I’m proud to say I’ve improved my skills in sketching and painting using watercolor. Last September, I made my website official. I’m so happy. Yay! I hope to show you more of my passion this 2019. Another yay for that. Haha.

Health and Wellness. I was physically healthy for the whole year because I eat healthy and do exercise regularly. I was mentally challenged by my fears. I tried meditation but I failed. I did journaling and it helped me a lot. It helped me lessen my anxiety and know myself more.

My 2018 has lot of reroutes but I’m thankful I was able to survive and learned a lot of life lessons.

Thank you 2018. Next, 2019!

Creative: Beginner’s Guide to Photography

If you’re a hobbyist or wanted to build a business around photography. Here are some helpful guide in starting photography.

Start a camera of your own preference. Photography is about molding your skill and not based on how good your camera. Skill first, camera second.

Find inspiration why you are doing photography. Admire works from other photographers. Seek advice for them. Never copy because it will create an artistic block. Always remember that you will find your style through experience.

Create a feeling or a mood to your photo. Taking a photo is about catching the moment of your subject or the place. Photos are like words, it should speak for itself.

Challenge your creativity. You don’t have to plan everything in place if you’re starting out. Move and shot. Do not stick over the same angle, style or trend. Allow yourself room to grow and experiment.  Allow to test your skill like allowing the model or muse on what he/she wanted to wear, random location and time of the day.

Start editing from basic. Use Photoshop and familiarize the tool. Invest for another tool that you find useful for your hobby or for your business in the future.

Evaluate your work and learn from your mistakes. Consider what works for you and what is not. It takes a lot of time to master your work. It takes time whether how slow or fast the progress. Most of all, enjoy the progress and appreciate it.

23 Years: Highlights and Q&A

29497734_379797305822123_8749755716978053163_nBIRTHDAY TRIP

This year’s birthday is quit different. I’m not found of throwing parties unless it’s a double celebration (like birthday and graduation). I like to keep things simple. I spent my birthday doing a quick hike at the peak in my hometown together with my loved ones. The cute thing about my birthday was I was surprised by my boyfriend. He traveled for hours to my hometown.


I’m a fan of playing around art mediums just for fun. I started it with charcoal pencil way back in high school as the editorial cartoonist and then moving to watercolor after I graduated college. I really like the magic that happens with the color and water mixed together and quit terrified for the result (sometimes haha). Then my interest to other art medium is endless. I started purchasing them in random (acrylic and oil paint) and started playing around with it.

i requested my Facebook friends to ask me any questions and I’ll answer it as genuine as possible. These two questions are very close to my heart. Here are the following:

Q & A

How to know if you’re on the right career path? or what career path should you take? – Edthone Koh

You couldn’t say that you’re in the right path unless you work towards that path. To be honest I’m not feeling yet that I’m on the right path but I’m still working towards it. You’ll never know what you want for your life if you stop doing the things that push you to your best self.

You’ve been posting a lot of artworks and it’s actually good. Do you have plans in pursuing a career which involves art? – James Darrel Aroma Alcain

Big yes. For the past years, I’ve been denying that I couldn’t make a life in art. The more I hide it inside the more it flourish. It becomes my therapy in most stressful moments in my life. I would fell in love if I see contemporary and/or modern art. It requires time to understand the world of art. I’m proud to say I’m working in progress.



January-February Highlights

2018 Moodboard

This year is a different year. I challenged myself A LOT. I allow myself to do the possibilities while taking good care of myself. When I felt that I’m already tired I allow myself to rest. Now, I value more myself.


  1. I opened BELA, a small business that provides BEAUTIFUL THINGS. And in the process to make it grow. Starting BELA was just a random idea. I really dreamt of owning my own business where I could show my creativity and share a significant impact to the community.
  2.  I started blogging more often than I used to. Blogging was one of things that I like to do way back high school but I don’t know how and where to start. But I think the only that stops me was that I was scared to try and show what I really like to do. Now, I’m doing it!
  3. I become more engaged in the things that I do. I used to be a dreamer now I’m a doer. A small action can create a big impact in your life. As much as possible, I use my available time to enhance my skills and creativity like reading books and articles.


Cheers to more growth!

2017 Gratitude List

I felt the need to acknowledge the small and big wins that I have for the whole year. Here it goes.

New Member of the Family. My sister have a beautiful angel that adds up the bundle of joy and lighten our home. We didn’t expect her but as cliche as it goes, expect the unexpected. She makes everybody happy. We named her Odeya Yneil, Odeya from a Greek word means Thanks God. The second name is the combination of the name of her parents. Such a lovely name, isn’t it?

Travel to Dubai and Sharjah. I dreamt of travelling outside the country but didn’t expect it coming until my eldest brother and his wife gave me the chance to. It wasn’t just a typical travel. It was full of worthy lessons to keep in mind.

Career. As a fresh graduate, I’m eager to jump in to a job after graduation but it wasn’t that easy to be part of the industry as a fresh sprout. I learned so many things and continuously learning in my job right now.

Hobby. As a child. I always love drawing and making my projects artistic. I joined art contests since Grade School until  I became an Editorial Cartoonist in our school publication. It became a hobby while on college and didn;t took a course related to it because I was hesitant. This year, Art became my best friend, my therapy when I’m alone.

Relationship. I’m grateful for my family for every step of the way, smooth or rough roads. I have quality friends who’ve been my spontaneous buddies (not physically present sometimes) who are just one call/text away when I’m feeling blue.

Binibining Cebu 2017. This experience was extraordinary because it felt so tiresome but fulfilling. Two months of endless rehearsals, charity works and major events. I may not able to win but I won myself for not giving up until the end. Queens don’t quit.

I’m grateful for the people who’s still part of my year and letting go of people who left.

Excited to grow more this year.

Kim Naces Photography
Kim Naces Photography

Less I know in Art

A memory that imprinted my mind was that “Art is perfection”. The artist is skilled to create an art according to the art medium he chose. All of my understanding from the earlier years of my life were one-sided and superficial. Art isn’t most of the time carved to perfection but created to connect human emotions. It is not just pain that demands to be felt but art too.



Alserkal Avenue 

During my journey in Dubai, I visited at exhibits, galleries and understands the art and literature of UAE specifically Dubai and Sharjah. My expressions will always be “Woah” and “Wow” to their art and architecture. Every piece of art can take you to a place or moves your emotions.

Most of all, an art taught as to be your own kind of masterpiece.


Tourist for 55 days: Dubai x Sharjah


When you’re given a chance to try something new, you go for it without hesitations. I come to the point in my life that I wanted to try a thing I never did. It was a trembling experience. I tried to move to another state, Sharjah. It was like full of rides in a circus town.

V’s of Life UAE. Learned and earned during my journey:

  1. Be Vulnerable. It’s not anymore a weakness. It’s a great recognition that you’re stronger with your limitations. It is fine when you couldn’t survive in a situation but at least you tried.
  2. Veracity. In this world full of people taking advantage and lies, as much as possible be honest. It requires courage to tell what you feel, what you dreamt of, what’s your passion, what you’re driven about. It takes courage and challenge to be one. Just be one.
  3. Be Vigilant. We always wanted to take a risk but be careful. Learn from your mistakes.
  4. Value. Appreciate what you have and use it as resources to create something. Value relationships, career, self and life.

Dubai City lights

Biggest bookstore in Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall


Mamzar Beach


First time to ride a train

Jollibee (unusual to have one here) in Deira, Dubai


Quick sketch

During free time

Tandang Sora Kainan


Dubai Marina Walk

Dubai Marina Walk

Dubai Marina Mall

Dubai Marina Mall


Dubai Festival Mall

Dubai Festival Mall 3D Water Display

55 days. Searching. Risking. Learning. Growing.

Depression: Let’s talk

Art movement for depression.

DSM 5:

What is DEPRESSION? It is an illness characterized by persistent sadness and loss of interest in activities that you normally enjoy, accomplished by the inability to carry out daily activities, for at least two weeks.


  1. Loss of Energy
  2. Change in appetite (overeating or eat less)
  3. Sleep more or less
  4. Anxiety
  5. Reduced concentration/ indecisiveness
  6. Restlessness
  7. Feelings of worthlessness
  8. Guilt of hopelessness
  9. Thoughts of self-harm or suicide

The core of this campaign is talking about depression as a vital component of recovery.

Let’s break the stigma.