Creative: Beginner’s Guide to Photography

If you’re a hobbyist or wanted to build a business around photography. Here are some helpful guide in starting photography. Start a camera of your own preference. Photography is about molding your skill and not based on how good your camera. Skill first, camera second. Find inspiration why you are doing photography. Admire works from … Continue reading Creative: Beginner’s Guide to Photography

23 Years: Highlights and Q&A

BIRTHDAY TRIP This year’s birthday is quit different. I’m not found of throwing parties unless it’s a double celebration (like birthday and graduation). I like to keep things simple. I spent my birthday doing a quick hike at the peak in my hometown together with my loved ones. The cute thing about my birthday was … Continue reading 23 Years: Highlights and Q&A

Less I know in Art

A memory that imprinted my mind was that “Art is perfection”. The artist is skilled to create an art according to the art medium he chose. All of my understanding from the earlier years of my life were one-sided and superficial. Art isn’t most of the time carved to perfection but created to connect human … Continue reading Less I know in Art

Tourist for 55 days: Dubai x Sharjah

  When you’re given a chance to try something new, you go for it without hesitations. I come to the point in my life that I wanted to try a thing I never did. It was a trembling experience. I tried to move to another state, Sharjah. It was like full of rides in a … Continue reading Tourist for 55 days: Dubai x Sharjah

Depression: Let’s talk

Art movement for depression. DSM 5: What is DEPRESSION? It is an illness characterized by persistent sadness and loss of interest in activities that you normally enjoy, accomplished by the inability to carry out daily activities, for at least two weeks. Symptoms: Loss of Energy Change in appetite (overeating or eat less) Sleep more or … Continue reading Depression: Let’s talk