2018 Review

Here is another year. This year (2019) I become more aware of who I am. I tried to look back and assess myself. I realized for the past four years I was so scared to take a leap or face my fears. I didn’t fully believed in myself and recognized my achievements. Now, I’m openContinue reading “2018 Review”

2017 Gratitude List

I felt the need to acknowledge the small and big wins that I have for the whole year. Here it goes. New Member of the Family. My sister have a beautiful angel that adds up the bundle of joy and lighten our home. We didn’t expect her but as cliche as it goes, expect theContinue reading “2017 Gratitude List”

Less I know in Art

A memory that imprinted my mind was that “Art is perfection”. The artist is skilled to create an art according to the art medium he chose. All of my understanding from the earlier years of my life were one-sided and superficial. Art isn’t most of the time carved to perfection but created to connect humanContinue reading “Less I know in Art”

Depression: Let’s talk

Art movement for depression. DSM 5: What is DEPRESSION? It is an illness characterized by persistent sadness and loss of interest in activities that you normally enjoy, accomplished by the inability to carry out daily activities, for at least two weeks. Symptoms: Loss of Energy Change in appetite (overeating or eat less) Sleep more orContinue reading “Depression: Let’s talk”

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