2018 Review

Here is another year.

This year (2019) I become more aware of who I am. I tried to look back and assess myself. I realized for the past four years I was so scared to take a leap or face my fears. I didn’t fully believed in myself and recognized my achievements. Now, I’m open (again) and braver. It feels so good to deeply understand and connect to myself through journaling. It feels like I never meet myself before (sounds weird) or being a friend to myself. I was lost but now I’m found. *tears of joy*

Despite all the pitfalls and shortcomings, I wanted to give myself a credit for trying new things and facing the challenges along the way.

Work. Middle of the year, I moved back home to give myself a rest because I was pregnant and resigned to my job. After a month, I was offered with two jobs which I didn’t expect to come because of the limited amount of jobs offered that is related to my profession in provincial areas. Also, I was planning for a career shift. I evaluated myself and realized I needed more time to prepare and experience. I took the offer that I know I will find growth. It never failed my expectations. I learned a lot of things in a short span of time. I’m thankful for my workmate, Ma’am Elsie for guiding me every step. She is the kind of person who is passionate about her work.

Business. I started my online shop through instagram last January which I closed last May. I learn a lot from the experience from production, marketing and other business aspects. But still there are many things that I should learn and that’s what I wanted to improve to be prepared for my next business venture.

Family. Now, I’m a mother. I’m grateful that my son taught me a great lesson in life: TO BE PRESENT. I’ve been anxious for the past years of what lies in the future. I’ve been busy thinking of what was not yet here and allowing my anxiety took over my dreams. I was living in fear of the unknown. I already missed the moments that I should cherish and be thankful for. Thank you, son.

Passion. For the whole year, I’m proud to say I’ve improved my skills in sketching and painting using watercolor. Last September, I made my website official. I’m so happy. Yay! I hope to show you more of my passion this 2019. Another yay for that. Haha.

Health and Wellness. I was physically healthy for the whole year because I eat healthy and do exercise regularly. I was mentally challenged by my fears. I tried meditation but I failed. I did journaling and it helped me a lot. It helped me lessen my anxiety and know myself more.

My 2018 has lot of reroutes but I’m thankful I was able to survive and learned a lot of life lessons.

Thank you 2018. Next, 2019!

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