Creative: Beginner’s Guide to Photography

If you’re a hobbyist or wanted to build a business around photography. Here are some helpful guide in starting photography.

Start a camera of your own preference. Photography is about molding your skill and not based on how good your camera. Skill first, camera second.

Find inspiration why you are doing photography. Admire works from other photographers. Seek advice for them. Never copy because it will create an artistic block. Always remember that you will find your style through experience.

Create a feeling or a mood to your photo. Taking a photo is about catching the moment of your subject or the place. Photos are like words, it should speak for itself.

Challenge your creativity. You don’t have to plan everything in place if you’re starting out. Move and shot. Do not stick over the same angle, style or trend. Allow yourself room to grow and experiment.  Allow to test your skill like allowing the model or muse on what he/she wanted to wear, random location and time of the day.

Start editing from basic. Use Photoshop and familiarize the tool. Invest for another tool that you find useful for your hobby or for your business in the future.

Evaluate your work and learn from your mistakes. Consider what works for you and what is not. It takes a lot of time to master your work. It takes time whether how slow or fast the progress. Most of all, enjoy the progress and appreciate it.

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