23 Years: Highlights and Q&A

29497734_379797305822123_8749755716978053163_nBIRTHDAY TRIP

This year’s birthday is quit different. I’m not found of throwing parties unless it’s a double celebration (like birthday and graduation). I like to keep things simple. I spent my birthday doing a quick hike at the peak in my hometown together with my loved ones. The cute thing about my birthday was I was surprised by my boyfriend. He traveled for hours to my hometown.


I’m a fan of playing around art mediums just for fun. I started it with charcoal pencil way back in high school as the editorial cartoonist and then moving to watercolor after I graduated college. I really like the magic that happens with the color and water mixed together and quit terrified for the result (sometimes haha). Then my interest to other art medium is endless. I started purchasing them in random (acrylic and oil paint) and started playing around with it.

i requested my Facebook friends to ask me any questions and I’ll answer it as genuine as possible. These two questions are very close to my heart. Here are the following:

Q & A

How to know if you’re on the right career path? or what career path should you take? – Edthone Koh

You couldn’t say that you’re in the right path unless you work towards that path. To be honest I’m not feeling yet that I’m on the right path but I’m still working towards it. You’ll never know what you want for your life if you stop doing the things that push you to your best self.

You’ve been posting a lot of artworks and it’s actually good. Do you have plans in pursuing a career which involves art? – James Darrel Aroma Alcain

Big yes. For the past years, I’ve been denying that I couldn’t make a life in art. The more I hide it inside the more it flourish. It becomes my therapy in most stressful moments in my life. I would fell in love if I see contemporary and/or modern art. It requires time to understand the world of art. I’m proud to say I’m working in progress.



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