January-February Highlights

2018 Moodboard

This year is a different year. I challenged myself A LOT. I allow myself to do the possibilities while taking good care of myself. When I felt that I’m already tired I allow myself to rest. Now, I value more myself.


  1. I opened BELA, a small business that provides BEAUTIFUL THINGS. And in the process to make it grow. Starting BELA was just a random idea. I really dreamt of owning my own business where I could show my creativity and share a significant impact to the community.
  2.  I started blogging more often than I used to. Blogging was one of things that I like to do way back high school but I don’t know how and where to start. But I think the only that stops me was that I was scared to try and show what I really like to do. Now, I’m doing it!
  3. I become more engaged in the things that I do. I used to be a dreamer now I’m a doer. A small action can create a big impact in your life. As much as possible, I use my available time to enhance my skills and creativity like reading books and articles.


Cheers to more growth!

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