2017 Gratitude List

I felt the need to acknowledge the small and big wins that I have for the whole year. Here it goes.

New Member of the Family. My sister have a beautiful angel that adds up the bundle of joy and lighten our home. We didn’t expect her but as cliche as it goes, expect the unexpected. She makes everybody happy. We named her Odeya Yneil, Odeya from a Greek word means Thanks God. The second name is the combination of the name of her parents. Such a lovely name, isn’t it?

Travel to Dubai and Sharjah. I dreamt of travelling outside the country but didn’t expect it coming until my eldest brother and his wife gave me the chance to. It wasn’t just a typical travel. It was full of worthy lessons to keep in mind.

Career. As a fresh graduate, I’m eager to jump in to a job after graduation but it wasn’t that easy to be part of the industry as a fresh sprout. I learned so many things and continuously learning in my job right now.

Hobby. As a child. I always love drawing and making my projects artistic. I joined art contests since Grade School until  I became an Editorial Cartoonist in our school publication. It became a hobby while on college and didn;t took a course related to it because I was hesitant. This year, Art became my best friend, my therapy when I’m alone.

Relationship. I’m grateful for my family for every step of the way, smooth or rough roads. I have quality friends who’ve been my spontaneous buddies (not physically present sometimes) who are just one call/text away when I’m feeling blue.

Binibining Cebu 2017. This experience was extraordinary because it felt so tiresome but fulfilling. Two months of endless rehearsals, charity works and major events. I may not able to win but I won myself for not giving up until the end. Queens don’t quit.

I’m grateful for the people who’s still part of my year and letting go of people who left.

Excited to grow more this year.

Kim Naces Photography
Kim Naces Photography

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